Is Google Display Advertising Effective?

Display advertising is one of the oldest and most popular forms of digital advertising. You’ve most likely been exposed to Display Advertising if you’ve read any online news articles, seen any image ads on YouTube, or visited any website that makes money by showing ads. 

Most likely, you just ignore these ads unless they are specifically directed toward you. You probably notice an ad from a website you recently visited and think “how did they know to show me that?” Well, the answer is simple: Targeted Display Advertising.

So, Does Google Display Advertising Actually Work?

Here’s the short answer: Yes.

Google Display Advertising is one of the cheapest campaign types available. You can get more clicks with the same budget on a display campaign, than on a search campaign. Because of their affordability, and the number of clicks they receive, display ads consistently deliver good ROIs for advertisers.

Only about 0.06% of users actually click on display ads. While that may not seem like a lot, you are showing your ads on websites with huge traffic numbers. For example, when showing display ads on Google, your ads are going to show on news websites, YouTube, popular blog websites, and more. These websites get over a million views a month. So even if 0.06% of people click your ad, that is still over 60,000 clicks to your website.

But remember, more traffic doesn’t mean more sales. There are ways to ensure that all the people that see your display ads are the people most likely to purchase from your business.

Retargeting Ads Are The Most Effective Display Ads

Retargeting Display Ads are shown to people that have already visited your website. These people are 70% more likely to purchase from your business because they have already been exposed to it. These targeted display ads serve as a reminder to your passed website users, sending them back to your website for a second time, where they are likely to convert into customers.

Many of our clients with e-commerce stores use these ads as a way to get buyers to visit their sites again to buy more products. If you have an e-commerce store, you can include a coupon code in your ad to give them an extra incentive to come back. These types of retargeting ads are incredibly effective. 

All in all, display advertising is a great way to collect new customers, and convert people that may have previously passed on your products or services. 

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