Big Shot Marketing & Design Podcast

The Big Shot Marketing & Design Podcast is hosted by Kaity Kimball and Dori Holtvoigt. With over a decade of Digital Marketing experience, Kaity and Dori wanted to start a new platform to discuss marketing topics that can help entrepreneurs improve their marketing without having to hire a new team of consultants. 

Business Doesn't Have To Be Boring

The Big Shot Marketing & Design Podcast strives to be a marketing podcast that isn’t dry and boring. While listening, you’re going to learn some easy tips to push your business to new heights, without being bored to tears. 

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Big Shot Marketing & Design Podcast Hosts

Kaity Kimball

Dori Holtvoigt

Episode 1 - Intro: Who Are We & Why Should You Care?

Episode 2 - Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Episode 7 - You're Probably Answering The Phone Wrong

Episode 9 - 5 Website Design Strategies You NEED To Use

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