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Featured Blog: Who Is Your Ideal Client?

In order to have truly effective marketing strategies, you need to understand who your ideal client is, and how to reach them. Read more about it in this week’s featured blog!

SIGNS! All Shapes! All Sizes!

Name tags for networking events or around the office.

Yard signs to advertise your business at a work site or show people the way to an open house. 

Informational signs to show possible clients who you are and how to get a hold of you. 

Banners and displays for trade shows. 

Your company name and logo outside your office space. 

Signs inside your office letting people know where to go or showcasing your products.

Signs come in all shapes and sizes and I think we can all agree – they are important. High quality signage that is thoughtfully and creatively designed can set your company apart from those around you. Have you given your signage much thought or are you just ordering the generic signage everyone else in your industry is using?

Signage - 3 Things to Consider

1. Purpose

Most business related signs have one of three main purposes. 1. Advertising and Marketing. 2. Attracting Customers or Foot Traffic. 3. Guiding customers to or through your business. Before you design your next sign make sure you have a clear vision of its purpose.

2. Branding

Having your logo or business name on something doesn’t mean it fits in with your company branding. You want your past, current and future clients to look at your sign, wherever they may see it, and immediately know what company that sign is for. You want them to be able to walk into your business or go to your website and know for certain that they are at the right place.

3. Be Intentional

Can you glimpse your sign and know exactly what it’s trying to say? What’s your company? What’s the purpose? What should they do; call, scan, turn here? Let’s take yard signs for an example. They are easy and cost effective ways to promote your business at a work site or even at an intersection but most of the signs I see have so much information on them I don’t even know where to start so I don’t bother. Be intentional about the information you put on your sign and remember less is always more.


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