Why Knowing Your Ideal Client Is So Important For Digital Marketing

Not much of a reader? No problem! We actually covered this topic in our digital marketing podcast!

Identifying your ideal client lets you start marketing like a “sharpshooter” and attract exactly the type of leads and buyers that you enjoy working with and that put a high value on the products and services you deliver. Can you name the traits of your ideal client off the top of your head right now? If you can’t, you’re missing a huge business opportunity that is costing you a lot of money.

What Is An Ideal Client?

An ideal client is the specific profile of the type of client that you can provide the highest value to. This specific group is also most likely to be predisposed to buy from you. Once you identify your ideal client, you will use the information to frame your digital marketing strategy towards them. I know, that might sounds scary, but trust us. You don’t want to spend time and money marketing to “everyone.” You want to spend your marketing budget towards a group of people that are most likely to buy from you. Sounds, simple, right? Well…let’s get into more detail:

Why Identifying Your Ideal Client Is Important

Stops “scatter shooting” in your digital marketing activities

Think of your digital marketing plan as a rifle. You are trying to shoot out your message, in the hope that someone interested in buying sees it, and commits. Without identifying your ideal client, your digital marketing strategy will be like a shotgun. You will shoot scattered general messages across the internet in hopes that someone who likes your product or services will attract someone. If you know who your ideal client is, your digital marketing will be more of a sniper rifle. You can target your content and messages directly to those that will be more interested in what you offer. 

Allows You To Focus and Direct Your Digital Marketing Messages So They Reach and Attract Your Ideal Clients To Your Business

In the world of digital marketing, copywriting is key. No, we don’t mean copyright. Copywriting is the act of writing copy (written content) for marketing or advertising purposes. Here’s a little secret: we used copywriting techniques while writing this blog. Now that you know WHO you’re writing to, you can craft messages specifically for them. For example; If you know your ideal client is someone 70 years of age or older that has grandchildren, you’ll have an easier time copywriting to convert them. You can take a general message like this: “Get a a great gift for a loved on this holiday season” to “Your grandkids are going to love this new monster truck. We guarantee it.” Identifying your ideal clients lets you speak directly to them, without worrying about appeasing everyone else.

Repels “Non-Buyers” That Have No Interest In Your Products Or Services

Quick question: You like making money right? Of course you do! Since you value your hard-earned cash, you would hate the idea of wasting your digital marketing budget on people that aren’t interested, right? DUH! When you have a clear view of your ideal client, you’ll never have to worry about spending money on uninterested parties again! Here’s another example for you: If you get a billboard on a major highway, a CRAZY amount of people are going to see it. For gas stations, that billboard will probably work well. everyone on the highway needs gas, so all of those drivers are their ideal client. BUT if you have company that sells landscaping services, a billboard might not be the best option. You would be better off targeting digital ads in a higher-end neighborhood full of homes with large lots. This strategy cuts out all of the people that live in apartments, condos, or lower-income areas that have no need for a professional landscaper. 

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